Anja’s meal plan was very easy to follow for a busy mom like myself. Eating Anja’s plant based diet was simple and if you follow it you’ll notice a difference in energy and bodyweight. I’m definitely going to switch some meals area and continue to use it. Thank you again, Anja!
— Jessica Diaz
Before training with Anja, I had a really bad experience with a personal training consultation at a big gym. After that, I avoided working out and couldn’t ever imagine working with a trainer again. Years later I decided to get in touch with Anja, and I couldn’t have had a more different experience. She is so intuitive and listens to her clients needs all while pushing them to work harder and realize their goals. After two years of training with her, it’s not an exaggeration to say that training with her has changed my life. I am the healthiest I’ve ever been, so much more confident and committed to a regular training schedule - something I could never have imagined for myself.
— Grace Tessler
Anja is one of a kind. She started as my trainer, quickly became my life coach, and is now one of my dearest friends. Her outpouring of passion to help others is unparalleled and her knowledge and approach cannot be topped. She helped me achieve my personal best both physically and spiritually and for that I am forever grateful. Working with Anja is a privilege and having her in your life is a gift.
— Allison Hagendorf (Global Head of Rock at Spotify)
I have been training with Anja for 6+ years. We met when I wanted to start getting in shape as a bridesmaid for my friend’s wedding. She opened my eyes to how important it is to stay fit and be healthy all the time, and how fun that can be!! Most recently she was my lifeline through my first pregnancy, keeping me on my toes in sessions through week 38. And I’d never felt better. Training with Anja has been beyond an investment in my health. She is a wonderfully positive person I am lucky to call my friend!!
— Corinne Yung
Working with Anja has not only changed my body, but has also dramatically changed how I feel about working out. I used to dread working out and now I crave the high from it. As someone who would go from one fad diet/workout to the next, Anja has created a personalized workout routine/regimen for me that I have been able to stick with for over two years. Her knowledge and insights about healthy eating and balance have supplemented our workouts together and I have never felt or looked better!
— Jillian Tessler
I have referred Anja to many of my closest friends who are looking to get serious about their health. Anja is tough and will not baby you so if you need a firm hand, I highly recommend her.
— Ashley Terrill
Anja is an intuitive trainer. She is not cookie cutter with same exercises for everyone, she makes up your routine specifically for your needs and goals. I recommend her to everyone in NYC.
— Amalia Moscoso (Owner/Founder at Hairdame)
I worked with Anja for over two years while I was living in NY. She held me accountable for my nutrition, my workouts, and made sure I stayed active outside of the times we trained together. She kept our sessions consistent, but would always integrate something new and fun to keep things interesting. Over the two years of working with her I drastically changed my diet for the better, I got really strong and fit, and her and I became friends. She knows more about me than my mother.
— J
Training with Anja, changed my life. I’m a better, smarter, and stronger person because of her.
— Josh Beckerman (aka "The Foodie Magician")
Anja is an incredible trainer!! She has been abig inspiration to me. She’s consistent- really fun and creative. Also, she’s so knowledgeable about nutrition. She thinks of smart delicious alternatives to my favorite junk foods. I love working with her! I always look forward to our sessions.
— Kat Auster (lead singer of The Goodnight Darlings)
I’ve moved around a lot in my life and gone through my fair share of trainers. Anja is, by far, one of the best I’ve ever had. She is professional, knowledgeable, and great at listening to my needs and tailoring incredibly effective workouts to suit them. She also really walks the talk— working with someone so disciplined towards their health and fitness goals has inspired me to become that much more motivated towards mine. If you want a truly rewarding training experience, look no further - Anja’s the real deal.”
— Denise Yuen (actress)
Anja was so fun to train with! She helped me build a stronger core by teaching me how to isolate certain muscles. Her knowledge about resistance training as well as nutrition helped me get ready for the NYC marathon! Thank you Anja!
— Sara Ott
Anja is a great trainer and an awesome person! Her focus, energy and knowledge have helped me go from one level of fitness to the next. Our sessions fly by and I always learn something new.
— Jesse Abraham